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Just How Serious Is A Toothache Anyway?

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You feel the pain radiating from the back of your mouth as it throbs painfully in strong, steady pulses. It might not be painful enough to send you to the emergency room, but toothaches can still be very serious. If you are experiencing a toothache, realize that the pain you are feeling is actually the effect of inflammation. Whether the inflammation is originating inside or outside of one of your teeth has little bearing on the amount of pain you feel:

What's Causing Your Tooth Pain?

Surprisingly, you don't have to have visible teeth in your mouth to have a toothache. While it is expected for babies and toddlers to experience toothache and pain while teething, it is often overlooked that adolescents and adults can also get toothaches during tooth development. Your molars can continue to grow well into adulthood, so there is a chance that your toothache could literally just be a growing pain.

People with dentures can also experience toothaches, especially if all or part of the root was left intact. A root canal can alleviate pain by removing the sensitive nerves that lead to toothaches. Having partial and full dentures might make regular professional teeth cleaning completely unnecessary, but there are many other reasons people should stay friendly with their dentists.

Dentures should be cleaned, at home, on a regular basis, after eating, smoking, and drinking sugary liquids in order to prevent infection and subsequently, potential toothaches.

Other factors that can lead to toothache includes damaged teeth, missing fillings, and tooth migration. Not only if your dentist in a better position physically to examine your mouth, he or she also has the credentials needed to make an accurate observation and appropriate corrective recommendations. If your toothache lasts for lasts for more than a day or two, call your dentist and schedule an appointment.

Stopping Toothaches Permanently

If you have a toothache that won't go away and you're scheduled to meet with your dentist, you probably want to know which solutions are going to be suggested. For those who have had many dental procedures in the past, a root canal may be necessary for getting rid of problematic teeth. Any teeth with a large number of cavities and chips may be singled out as candidates for a root canal by your dentist.

Although they aren't always pleasant at first, braces can also be used to put tooth migration to a halt, preventing you from future painful toothaches. You can also experience toothaches because of oral abscesses and general inflammation, or because of advanced tooth decay. Even if your toothache is only hurting you a little bit, it is vital that you visit with your dentist to learn all your personalized options.

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