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Helping Your Teen Stay On Track With Their Oral Care

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When your child has become a teen, you have already handed over the responsibility of oral care to them. You would like to think that they are taking that responsibility serious and caring for their teeth the way you taught them. When you ask them if they've taken care of their teeth, you'll more than likely hear, "yes". Unfortunately, this doesn't always mean that they are really taking care of their teeth the way they should. You want to read the information below so you can notice the warning signs that your teenager may be neglecting their teeth and get them back on track:

Bad breath on a regular basis

If you notice your child commonly has bad breath, they may not be brushing their teeth as much as they should be. While it's true that bad breath can also be caused by what you eat and sometimes from a condition known as halitosis, in teens it can often be due to oral hygiene neglect.

Yellowing of their teeth

You want to take your teen in to see the dentist for their regular cleanings. When you do this, you should expect their teeth to stay fairly white in-between cleanings. If they aren't brushing as much as they should or using mouthwash nightly, then their teeth can start to become stained much faster than they normally would.

Plaque buildup can be seen

If your teen is neglecting the care of their teeth, you'll soon be able to see a build-up of plaque on their teeth. This build-up will look a white thickening on their teeth with some of it gathering between their teeth.

How to get your teen back on track

One of the easiest ways to get most teens back on track is by showing them the difference in their teeth. Most teens tend to be self-conscious about their looks. Show them a picture with a nice white smile and then take one showing them the yellowing and plaque build-up. Also, you can point out since they have neglected their teeth they may want to carry gum with them.

If your teen isn't one who cares a lot about their outer appearance, then you'll need to find another way to convince them. Simple bribery can work very well with teens. Set up a check-up at the dentist for them in a few weeks and tell them if they get a good report you will reward them. Cash usually works the best, but you can also offer to buy them their favorite CD or a shirt they have been wanting.

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