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Three Natural Teeth Whitening Solutions

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Having stained teeth can be embarrassing and you don't want to show your teeth  while out in public. Many people have found the natural teeth whitening solutions that work for them and give the appearance of whiter teeth. Here is a simple list of some natural items that can help whiten teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar acts as a natural stain remover that works to remove tough stains like coffee and nicotine from teeth. Taking apple cider vinegar on a regular basis can make it appear as though your teeth have been whitened. You must be cautious when taking the apple cider vinegar as the acids contained within in it can erode teeth enamel, which can make it harmful. Use it regularly and it can prove to be a valuable teeth whitening ingredient that you can purchase over the counter.


The acids contained in strawberries have been proven to work to break down stains that are stuck to teeth. Take half a strawberry and mash it up and then mix it with baking soda, so that it forms a paste. Take the paste and brush your teeth with it once a week to break down the stains that brushing doesn't remove. Make sure that each and every time that you brush with strawberry paste that you brush your teeth with regular toothpaste and rinse right afterwards to remove the sugars from your teeth and prevent them from becoming bacteria.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has countless proven health benefits and whitening teeth is one of them. Rinsing your mouth out with coconut oil once a day can work to break down tooth stains and make teeth appear whiter. The other benefit of rinsing your mouth out with coconut oil is that your breath will smell sweeter, which can be an attractive and appealing benefit that should not be overlooked. After rinsing with the oil make sure that you properly clean your teeth and gum lines afterwards to remove any excess oil residue.

If any of the items outlined above fail to work then you should consult with a professional dentist that can whiten teeth. A professional cosmetic dentist from a place like South Shore Prosthodontics will be able to whiten your teeth without causing harm to the enamel or doing any damage to the inside of your mouth. Check with your cosmetic dentist today to book an appointment to have your teeth checked and you can have all your questions answered about teeth whitening.