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Dental Visits during Pregnancy

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There is no good reason to skip your dental care during pregnancy. In fact, it's vital that you keep your regular appointments. Your body is undergoing changes and new stresses, which can affect your oral health. Any problems or infections inside your mouth can also affect your baby's health. The following tips will help ensure that you keep smiling throughout your pregnancy.

Tip #1: Let Your Dentist Know the Details

Make sure your dentist, the hygienist, and any dental assistants that work with you are aware that you are pregnant and know the due date. There are some treatments and medications that may be best avoided when you are expecting, so it's a good idea to make doubly sure that everyone who is responsible for your oral health knows your condition.

Tip #2: That X-Ray is Probably Okay

The amount of radiation you and your baby are exposed to during a routine dental x-ray is so minor that it doesn't pose a concern. To play it safe, the best course of action is to skip the x-rays if you aren't suffering from any apparent dental issues that need fixed. If your dentist feels that you do need x-rays, simply make sure that a lead belly cover is provided and follow all the instructions you are given to ensure your radiation exposure is as low as possible.

Tip #3: Take Your Medicine

If you need a more involved procedure done, such as a filling, an extraction, or a root canal, you will likely need some sort of anesthetic. Topical numbing solutions work for some minor procedures, but what if you need a stronger dose? Novocaine and lidocaine, two common local anesthetics for dental use, haven't been shown to have any ill effects on a developing fetus. If possible, you may want to postpone dental work during the first trimester, though, since this is one of the more important developmental periods for your child. There are also antibiotics that are safe during pregnancy that your dentist may prescribe.

Tip #4: Skip Unnecessary Procedures

Minor or purely cosmetic procedures should probably be delayed until after baby arrives. Not only will this save you and your child from unnecessary exposure to x-rays and medications, it is also a comfort issue. It can be difficult, if not outright painful, to lay on your back for long periods of time. While routine cleanings and minor procedures like a filling don't take very long, having veneers fitted or undergoing a lengthy whitening session can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your body.

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