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Ways To Save Money On Braces

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Braces can be an important part of your dental health, but they can also take a huge chunk out of your wallet. There are a few ways to save money on high quality orthodontists, so consider these steps as you start to think about braces. 

Get Braces as Soon as Possible

The first thing to note is that you may save money by starting your orthodontic treatment as soon as your dentist notices the problem. When your teeth first begin to shift out of place, you may be able to correct the problem more quickly and put a retainer in place to prevent further movement. Without braces, your teeth might continue on their current trajectory, meaning you'll have to have a longer correction process later. 

Consider Dental Insurance

You may not be completely on your own in paying for braces. Some dental insurance will help cover the cost of braces, so speak to your orthodontist about getting coverage ahead of time. Your insurance company might also be particular about the type of braces and reasons for treatment, so you'll need an evaluation beforehand. 

Opt for Metal Braces

Invisalign treatments offer a lot of convenience since they usually have a shorter treatment time; this can come with added cost. If you're really looking to save money, it's probably best to stick with the traditional, metal braces. 

Set Up a Payment Plan that Works

Some orthodontists offer payment plans to help you accommodate your finances. For instance, you might ask about a discount for paying upfront for your entire treatment. You may also want to set up a payment plan, where the payments continue after the procedure is over. 

Opt for Non-Removable Retainers

Another part of getting affordable dental care is protecting your investment in braces. Especially for teens and children, non-removable retainers are a great option. These devices are implanted on the back of the teeth to keep them in line permanently. This way, you'll avoid having to get braces twice. While removable retainers are a fine option, you do run the risk of losing the retainer and having to get refitted, or experiencing problems with your retainer's fit down the road if you don't wear it consistently enough. 

In short, there are a number of ways that you can take the cost of braces into your own hands. Orthodontists (like those at All About Smiles Incorporated) can work with you to address concerns that you have about cost, payment, and the value of early treatment.