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Why You Have Such A Gummy Smile

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You might notice that your smile has more gums than most and you might hate how it looks. Most individuals see gums that are larger than 3 millimeters to be unattractive. Eliminating a gummy smile requires that you first discover what is causing your smile to look so gummy in the first place. Your dentist will examine your smile to determine whether it is as gummy as you think and to identify what it is being caused by.

The Length Of Your Teeth

Your teeth might erupt in an unusual way, which can lead to a larger display of gum tissue than normal. Your teeth might be the normal length, but have not erupted completely and will appear shorter as a result. In other cases, your teeth have become shorter and have worn down because of oral decay. Under these circumstances, you will need to improve your oral care and may need veneers or some other prosthetic solution. You may also need orthdontics to move your teeth into the proper position.

A Bulging Protrusion In Your Upper Jaw

If there is a bulging protrusion of your upper jaw inside the gum tissue, this can lead to the appearance of a gummy smile. Bone surgery would be needed to add or remove bone tissue or to use a graft to encourage your jawbone to grow in key areas.

A Raised Upper Lip

Your upper lip might be rising higher than normal. This can lead to more of your gums being exposed. A surgery may be necessary to correct this problem or to lengthen your upper lip so that it better covers your gums. While it is harder to produce a predictable result with soft tissues, it is still possible.

Laser gum contouring is a common way to correct a gummy smile. The end result is not always as perfect as the result that is created through surgery. However, if you are concerned with using a surgical solution, this is a good option. Botox is another approach, but it usually will not have adequate results if you have an extremely gummy smile.


Gummy smiles are often genetic. Therefore, if you have a loved one who also suffers from a gummy smile that was treated, the approach he or she took is likely the approach you should take. But you won't know for sure until you have met with a cosmetic dentist experienced with reducing gummy smiles.