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5 Reasons To Get Dental Implants

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Missing a tooth? Your dentist may have given you several options to replace it. With a dental bridge or dentures being very popular options, you may have also considered dental implants but were scared away by the price. Here are some advantage to using a dental implants that could sway you to select them to fix your missing tooth.

Implants Are Simple To Fix

Once the dental implant is placed in your mouth, know that it will be easy to repair damage to the fake tooth if something were to happen to it. This is because the tooth is essentially a crown, and it can be easily replaced or fixed without affecting the titanium post that was installed into your jawbone. The crown can be removed, repaired, and put back in its place.

Implants Can Be Placed Anywhere

You may be getting one implant now, but be aware that future implants can be placed anywhere. They do not depend on existing teeth, like with a dental bridge, to perform the procedure. Meanwhile, a bridge could fail if one of the support teeth fail down the road. Without surrounding teeth, you may need to resort to another replacement method.

Implants Are Simple To Maintain

A dental implant will look, act, and feel just like a natural tooth. This is even true when it comes to maintenance. The implant should be treated just like a real tooth. The tooth needs brushing, flossing, and even inspections during a semi-annual dental appointment.

Implants Last A Long Time

Know that if you have an implant installed, it has the potential to last your entire lifetime with the proper care. In fact, implants are even used to hold dentures in place when there are no existing teeth to support them. Getting dental implants will definitely be a procedure that you pay for once and enjoy the benefits for as long as possible.

Implants Make It Easy To Talk

When compared to using dentures, you'll find that implants will help improve your speech rather than cause problems. Implants won't slip in your mouth, since they are a permanent fixture of your mouth. You won't have to relearn how to talk like you would with dentures, and it will improve your speech overall in comparison.

These are just a few benefits of using dental implants. For more reasons to select dental implants, schedule a consultation with a dentist that can explain them to you.

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