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Fear The Dentist? Know About Sedation Methods

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Dental phobia is a common fear, which is why you may need help getting through a dental appointment. The idea of using a sedation method may be equally as scary to you though, causing you to even be fearful of the one thing that can make you feel at ease. With there being many sedation methods to pick from, it's all a matter of finding the one that will work best for you.

Dental Sedation Types

Your dentist can provide several different sedation methods to you.

Nitrous Oxide

You may have heard of nitrous oxide used in dentistry before, but it is usually referred to as laughing gas. It is administered to the patient using a mask that fits over the nose. The gas will make you feel unconcerned and calm about the procedure, while also giving you control over how much nitrous oxide you breathe in. When finished with the dental procedure, the effects of the nitrous oxide will go away very quickly, meaning that you can safely drive home on your own after the procedure.

Oral Sedation

An alternative method will involve taking a medication prior to your dental appointment. Similar to using nitrous oxide, this sedation method helps you feel calm. Many patients decide to take their medication before arriving at the dental office, but it will require someone to drive you to your appointment. The effects of oral sedation also last much longer, so you cannot make the sensation go away quickly.

IV Sedation

This method is administered to the bloodstream throughout the procedure, and causes you to be in a very deep relaxation compared to other techniques. You'll be aware of the procedure while it is going on, though you might not remember anything about it after it is finished.

Concerns About Control

When you are worried about losing control during a dental procedure, the nitrous oxide method will be best. Alternative methods don't necessarily knock you out for the dental procedure, but have lingering effects that may take a while to recover from. Your dentist may even allow you to try using nitrous oxide before the procedure, so you can have a better understanding about what it will be like when it comes time for the procedure.

When you have questions or concerns about any of these dental sedation methods, speak with a dentist about it. They can walk you through all the advantages and disadvantages, and help you find out the right method that will work for you. 

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