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3 Misconceptions About Dentures That You Need To Know

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If you have missing teeth and looking for a solution to fix them, you may think that dentures will be the perfect solution to your problems. Unfortunately, many people have the wrong idea about what it is like to wear dentures. It's important to know the truth behind the following 3 denture misconceptions.

Misconception: You Never Need To Go Back To The Dentist

Many people wrongfully assume that one of the big perks of wearing dentures is that they never need to go back to the dentist again. Unfortunately, this is not true. Your dentures depend on you having healthy gums to support them, and you are still susceptible to getting gum disease without your real teeth. In addition, dentures can break down over time, causing them to feel uncomfortable and require an adjustment. Your dentist can help make sure that you do not have issues with gum disease, and make adjustments as needed over the years.

Misconception: You Can't Eat Hard Foods Again

You may have heard from other people about all the foods you won't be able to eat again with dentures, with hard foods being one category that you'll need to avoid. While it will be tough to start eating these foods again soon after you receive your dentures, it will become easier over time as you get accustomed to wearing the dental appliance.

Keep in mind that your dentures should stay in place when you are eating, and it is not normal for them to slip around. If the slipping is what is making it difficult to eat hard foods, it could mean that the dentures are not fitting properly. Return to your dentist to have the dentures adjusted for a much better fit and improved comfort.

Misconception: Your Dentures Will Last Forever

Another assumption about dentures is that they will last you for the rest of your life. While the teeth are artificial, you can expect to get an average of 5-10 years out of the dentures before they need to be replaced. While this may be a surprise to you, know that replacing the dentures is in your best interest to improve their effectiveness and your comfort.

Have questions about dentures? Be sure to schedule a consultation with a dentist in your area. They'll walk you through the entire process, clear up those misconceptions, and tell you if you will be a good fit for getting dentures for yourself.