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Singular Implants Versus Full Arch Implants

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Dental implants can be installed singularly or in groups. Full arch implants promote a faster healing time. They have been noted as more comfortable than individual implants, plus will support the natural curvature of the jawline. 


Pure titanium or titanium alloy is used to construct each implant. An alloy contains titanium and traces of another metal. The implant itself will be hidden. It will go deep into the gum line, below the jawbone. Implants will contain artificial teeth. Receiving a series of implants is considered a surgical procedure. If a singular implant is sought, a dental provider will need to perform the same surgical procedure that they would when installing a group of implants that are anchored together.

For this reason, it could potentially cost more to have singular implants installed. Each implant that is installed would incur a surgical cost. Because a group of implants can be installed at the same time, a dental provider would essentially need to perform fewer surgeries. 

Comfort And Support

Receiving surgery requires ample healing time. Mouth injuries could take a while to heal and may require that an antibiotic and pain medication are prescribed. Some people who have individual implants installed may have chosen to set up a separate dental office visit for the installation of each implant. If multiple appointments are needed, an individual will continuously need to go through the healing process.

This can be a setback to someone who lives an active lifestyle and cannot afford to take time off work while they are healing. If a patient decides to purchase full arch dental implants, they can have the installation procedure completed in one or two office visits. If an individual is only missing one row of teeth, they may only be in need of one arch. Because a group of implants is aligned along the same strip, the installation of the implants will remain level with the jawline.

A dentist will not need to perform the same precise installation steps that are conducted with singular implants. All of the implant anchors will remain level with one another. Arch implants often support the use of permanent or detachable dentures. A patient should consult with their dental provider, to discover the implant product that will be the most beneficial to them. Implants will need to be brushed and cared for like a set of natural teeth. Removable dentures should be stored in a special container when they are not being worn.

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