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Here's Why You Should Consider Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Factors such as severe tooth decay, sunken jaws, overbites, and crossbites can affect your oral health and mouth functioning, creating an urgent need to visit a dentist. They'll assess your teeth and general dental structure and may recommend a full mouth reconstruction — which is a general change of your dental structure to improve oral health and functionality. It involves fixing and changing your teeth and jaws through medical procedures such as periodontal therapy, grafting gum and tissues, and placement of implant-supported dentures. The following are the benefits of full mouth restoration.

Boosts Your Self Confidence

Having a poor dental structure can have a significant effect on your self-confidence. People may make fun of you and laugh at you when you speak. That can limit your interactions with friends, create a feeling of unworthiness, and even make you lonely and depressed. Full mouth restoration addresses cosmetic issues with your dental structure, such as fixing sunken jaws and discolored gums, restoring damaged teeth, and replacing missing teeth. These procedures boost your appearance, make you smile better, and boost your self-confidence.

Improve Your Oral Health

Good oral health is key to your general well-being and quality of life. On the hand, poor dental health affects your overall health since it influences how you eat and can be a source of bacterial infections. For instance, cracked teeth are difficult to brush, resulting in food getting trapped in your teeth. That creates a breeding ground for bacteria causing tooth decay and eventual loss. That can also lead to infections such as periodontal disease, causing a sinking jaw, and gum discoloration and recess. Full mouth restoration improves your oral health and reduces the chances of infections. 

Improve General Body Functionality

Problems with your dental structures affect general body functions such as eating and talking. For example, people with damaged teeth or severe tooth loss find eating difficult. That results in poor eating habits such as eating less or only feeding on soft food due to sensitivity in some regions of the mouth. The inability to eat correctly causes discomfort, sadness, and tiredness, making you unable to perform duties. Mouth reconstruction fixes your teeth and jaws and enables you to eat as you desire. It restores the full functioning of your mouth, including how you talk.


Oral health is essential as it's easily noticeable when interacting with people. Your teeth and jaws are instrumental in defining your smile. An excellent dental structure makes a perfect smile; that's why you should visit a dentist for a full mouth reconstruction if you have dental problems. They help you regain your bright smile and boost your self-confidence.