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Why Is Dental Cleaning So Important?

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If you have recently been to the dentist and had a dental cleaning done, you know how pearly white and smooth your teeth look and feel compared to how they were before you went to the dentist. However, if you haven't been in for a cleaning or checkup at the dentist in a while, then you are likely due for a teeth cleaning.

Even as an adult, those bi-yearly (or even more often) dental cleanings are super important. It's easy to forget about your dental care when you have so many other things to do, but schedule a dental cleaning ASAP. Here's why.

Clean teeth means clean gums

If your teeth are nice and clean after a dental cleaning, so are your gums. Why is this so important? Because many adults have gingivitis or more extensive periodontal disease, which is where unhealthy gums are affected by bacteria. Your cleaning efforts will help to keep your gums nice and clean and healthy so they can support your teeth.

Did you know that if your gums aren't healthy, they can pull back and expose the roots of your teeth? Indeed, poor gum health (due in part to a lack of teeth cleaning) can cause tooth loss later in life. When you care for your teeth by having a dental cleaning done, you really ensure that you can keep your natural teeth for much longer.

Clean teeth means dental issues are caught sooner

If you get a dental cleaning done, your teeth with cavities or chips are caught sooner so they can be repaired. Sometimes a dental cleaning comes with x rays and a checkup, which can help you spot the smaller dental issues that can be taken care of quickly, like smaller cavities. Small cavities and pre-cavities can actually be reduced or erased with the right care. If you want to really care for your smile and make your dental costs less expensive, then get your dental cleaning done.

Clean teeth may come at little cost to you

Getting a dental cleaning done may be the cheapest dental care you have done. If your dental insurance helps to cover the cost of dental cleanings or covers the costs entirely, then you can get your teeth cleaning done at very little to no cost. Your dental needs may exist entirely around having your teeth cleaned, which can be done in a single dental appointment. In the end, dental cleaning of your teeth can help you feel better about your oral health in big ways.

For more information about dental cleaning, contact a local dental office.