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The Two Leading Options In Dental Teeth Whitening Today

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Although you can always try the over-the-counter teeth whiteners at the local pharmacy or drugstore, you may not get the results you really want. With an over-the-counter teeth whitening product, you may see only a negligible difference in the shade of your teeth. However, with teeth whitening at your dentist, you can end up with teeth that are multiple shades lighter. This is enough to make a dramatic difference in your appearance, and to make you proud of your smile. Dental teeth whitening is safe and simple, and it is appropriate for most patients who are interested. Below, you can read about the two leading choices in dental teeth whitening today.

At-Home Professional Whitening

Your dentist can provide you with a whitening kit that you will take home. While the concept is similar to the kits you buy at the drugstore, the professional whitening kits from the dentist are far more effective for most people because they use a dental grade whitening gel that isn't available over the counter.

This type of whitening begins with a custom mold of your teeth. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth for the purpose of creating retaining trays. The retaining trays are made to the exact dimensions of your mouth in a dental lab, and then sent to your dentist.

Your cosmetic dentist will check the fit of your retaining trays to make sure that they are completely flush with your teeth to deliver the whitening gel evenly. The dentist will give you a tube of the gel to take home, along with specific instructions and how and when to use it. You may wear the whitening trays for a couple of hours every day, but they are rarely used for an extended period.

You will typically return to the dentist to check on whitening progress after a few weeks of using the product. This allows your dentist to adjust the amount of time that you wear the trays if you need increased whitening.

In-Office Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is performed over multiple visits. This type of dental whitening is different than the kits that you take home in a couple of ways. With in-office whitening, your dentist will apply a thin layer of a whitening paste or gel on your teeth. Typically, this type of whitening covers only the eight most prominent teeth in the mouth.

Your dentist may use lasers to activate the whitening paste or gel. The whitening product will be removed before you leave the office, and you will later return for another similar session. With in-office whitening, you will realize dramatic difference in the shade of your teeth. Thus, people with severe discoloration may feel this option works best for them.

No matter which of the whitening options you choose, you will undoubtedly be thrilled with your newly white smile. Call a cosmetic dentist to discuss your options today!