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Benefits Of Dental Implants

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When you have missing or damaged teeth, you have a few options for correcting the problem, including dentures, bridges or partials, and veneers. Dental implants are one of the most complete solutions for correcting a dental problem. Here are some of the main benefits of dental implants. 

Fuses with Your Bone

The base of the dental implant is made from a special type of titanium that is designed to fuse with your jaw bone over time. This makes dental implants a great permanent solution for missing or damaged teeth. The implant is durable, since the bond with your natural bone makes it a very stable device that doesn't rely on the support of your surrounding teeth. 

A Natural-Looking Solution

The teeth in your dental implant are made of composite materials that have been designed to look like natural teeth. Since they don't decay in the same way that natural teeth do, you can expect your dental implants to look polished and white for many years to come. 

Great Functionality

Since your dentures will fuse to your jaw bone, you don't need to worry about some of the problems that often plague denture and bridge users. For instance, you won't need to worry as much about the fit of your dental device, and you'll be able to chew and talk better since your implant is securely attached to your mouth. 

Doesn't Harm Other Teeth

Other types of dental correction devices, such as bridges, may place a lot of strain on your teeth. Bridges sometimes require your dentist to reduce the other teeth with a small drill so that the bridge can be placed correctly. A bridge also places some strain on the teeth surrounding it, since it gets fastened onto your existing teeth. A dental implant may be more expensive, but it's a great solution for protecting your existing teeth. 

Removable Option

If you can't stand the idea of having an implant permanently placed in your mouth, don't worry; you have the option of getting a removable dental implant. This device adheres to your jaw, and then the teeth portion of the implant can be removed by unscrewing it from the base.

Dental implants are one of the best low-maintenance and permanent solutions for missing and damaged teeth. As long as you have a strong jawbone that can support the implants, most patients will have the option of choosing implants to correct their damaged teeth.