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Effectively Treat Your Dental Pain Without Leaving Home

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Whether you have recently had a cosmetic dental procedure or are simply suffering from dental decay problems, it is important for you to know all of the various ways that you can treat your dental pain inexpensively at home. Thankfully, there are many ways you can help yourself with items that you likely already have in your home, such as the following:

Rinse with Warm Salt Water

You might be surprised to learn that simple, inexpensive table salt mixed in a cup of warm water is one of the best things you can use to combat dental pain. The key to effectively rinsing with salt water is to use water that is not too hot nor too cold. You can put a couple drops of the water on your wrist to test if it is too hot or cold. Salt is also a natural antiseptic, so when you rinse with salt water, you are also helping to stave off potential infections.

Brush with Baking Soda and a Soft Toothbrush

Rather than taking the risk of making your pain worse, only brush your teeth with a very soft toothbrush. Instead of using toothpaste, use baking soda to brush sore teeth and gums. Baking soda is milder than toothpaste and it does not contain any chemicals that could potentially make your dental pain worse.

Floss with a Water Flosser

When your teeth and gums are sore, you still need to floss them. Flossing removes trapped food particles and bacteria from areas of your mouth where your toothbrush's bristles cannot reach. However, regular dental tape or dental floss can be irritating if not used very gently around areas where you have pain. For this reason, you should only use a water flosser when your teeth and gums are irritated or after you have had a dental procedure. Water flossers are more gentle and less likely to increase your pain level.

Use Frozen Bagged Vegetables as an Ice Pack

Finally, if you have rinsed out your mouth with salt water, brushed with a soft toothbrush, and water flossed and still have dental pain, then you should place a bag of frozen vegetables inside of a pillowcase and apply it to the area you have pain. The ice pack will form to your face as the frozen veggies move around inside the bag. It won't leak water because the frozen bits are vegetables and not ice. If the ice pack does not bring you relief, then please go to websites like this or contact your dentist for further instructions.