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How To Ease Pain From A Cavity

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If you visit a dental clinic and find out you have a cavity, the dentist will probably schedule an appointment to fix the problem, but this appointment might be several weeks away. If you are feeling pain from this cavity during this time, there are several ways you can relieve the pain, and here are some of the methods you could try as you look for relief from the pain you feel.

Avoid eating highly acidic foods and beverages

Foods that contain a lot of acids will probably cause pain when you eat them, and this is why you should avoid foods like this. This includes pasta with red sauce, citrus fruit, and juice. Foods that are highly acidic will trigger nerve pain in your mouth, and this will worsen when you have a cavity. Avoiding foods like this will help you control the pain while you wait to get the cavity removed and filled.

Do not drink things that are hot or cold

A second thing that will cause nerve pain in your mouth is hot and cold drinks, such as coffee or ice water. If you have a cavity, it is likely that nerves are exposed in this tooth. These nerves react to hot and cold things when they are exposed, and you will feel twinges of pain if you drink things like this.

Apply natural ingredients to the tooth

Using natural ingredients can bring some relief to pain caused by a cavity, and one of the options you could try is cloves. You can purchase cloves at any health food store in the form of oil. You should pour a couple of drops of the oil on a cotton ball and rub it over your tooth. Cloves have several properties that can help relieve tooth pain, and this is a completely natural and safe option to consider. Rinsing your mouth with a mixture of warm water and salt may also provide some relief to cavity pain. The warm water will feel soothing, while the salt helps clean the tooth out.

Garlic is another natural ingredient people use for soothing pain from cavities. To use garlic, simply take a clove of fresh garlic and chew on it, focusing on the tooth that is hurting you. Cavity pain can hurt, and this is why you should aim to get the cavity removed as soon as possible. If you currently have pain in your mouth and have not yet visited a dentist, contact a family dental clinic today.