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What Are The Differences Between Fixed Implant Dentures And Overdentures?

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If you've decided to have implant-supported dentures rather than traditional false teeth, then you can choose between two options. You can go with a fixed set of implants or an overdenture. What are the differences between the two?

Fixed Implant Dentures: What to Know

If you have fixed implant dentures, then your false teeth are permanently fixed into your mouth. They attach to a series of implant posts. These posts are strategically positioned around your arch so that they can bear the weight of your false teeth.

So, your dentist will insert posts into the bone in your jaw. Once these posts integrate into the bone, your dentist then screws in a full arch of false teeth. While your dentist can remove these teeth if they need to, you can't.

These fixed dentures are about as close as you will get to having an arch full of natural teeth. Their permanent positioning makes dentures feel more stable. They won't move around your mouth when you eat.

You treat these teeth just like natural teeth. So, you need to brush them regularly. Unlike regular dentures, they don't need to come out of the mouth for cleaning. You also don't have to take them out at night for deeper cleans or to give your gums a rest.

Implant Overdentures: What to Know

Your dentist uses the same basic techniques to set up overdentures as fixed implants. These dentures are also supported by implant posts. However, they attach in a different way and are not permanently fixed to their posts.

Overdentures don't screw into implant posts. Sometimes, you have a bar put in around your arch which attaches to your implants. The dentures then fit onto this bar. Or, some dentures use a ball and socket fixing system.

In either case, these dentures are removable. You clip or push them into position when you wear them and you unclip or pull them out when you don't. So, you clean these teeth when you aren't wearing them.

Overdentures are typically less expensive than fixed options. However, they will need some maintenance work in the future. For example, you might need to replace their attachments every few years.

These dentures are more firmly fixed than traditional suction-based false teeth. So, you will find it easier to eat. They might not feel quite as stable as fixed implants; however, you should still be able to eat more normally.

For more advice on which type of denture implants to choose, talk to your dentist. For more information on implants, contact a professional near you.