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4 Important Kid's Dental Services

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Just like everyone, kids need access to good dental services to keep their teeth healthy and looking good. Just like adults, kids can benefit from dental preventative care. If you would like to know more, check out these four important kid's dental services to ask your dentist about.

1. Cleanings

Even if your kid brushes and flosses regularly, they need regular cleanings to remove any tartar from missed plaque. Failing to remove tartar or keep teeth clean can lead to decay, which is not only painful, but it can impact your child's future smile.

Primary teeth may seem unimportant, but they play a huge role. They serve as guide markers for permanent teeth. Therefore, if your child loses baby teeth to decay, the permanent teeth lose their guide markers and may not erupt properly. Naturally, this increases the risk of future complications including impacted teeth and crooked teeth.

2. Exams

With a good exam, your kid's dentist can look for any signs of concern like weakening enamel, poorly developing enamel, decay, gum irritation and much more. During the exam, the dentist may also need to take X-rays to monitor the inside of the tooth and the tooth's roots. Unlike adults, kids don't usually need their gum pockets measured during general exams.

3. Sealants

Molars have a lot of small groves on the top, which can be hard to clean, especially for kids. They may not be as vigilant as brushing, and the grooves may be deeper from less wear and tear. Sealants are an invisible barrier that protects the teeth. The dentist applies the sealant directly to the tooth, and it shields the tooth from plaque. Sealants are not permanent and slowly fade over time.

4. Fluoride

Fluoride is incredibly important for building strong tooth enamel, and you can only build enamel while your teeth are developing. Once you're an adult, you can remineralize your enamel with fluoride, but you can't make it stronger.

Because fluoride is so important for healthy teeth, many cities put fluoride in the drinking water. However, if your city does not do this, your child only drinks bottled water, they have a deficiency, or they are at higher risk of tooth decay, they may need occasional fluoride treatments.

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, and preventative care is an excellent option. Good dental care is always important, but for kids, it helps promote healthy, strong, beautiful permanent teeth. If you would like to know more, contact a pediatric dentist in your area today.